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Public Policy

Our team has a background on the staffs of federal and state-level elected leaders, and we've been engaged in policy battles at all levels of government. We have extensive experience moving legislation from concept to law, and we can guide you through the process.
Digital Advocacy

Our cutting-edge approach to public advocacy gets results. From websites and social networks to video production and search engine strategy, we leverage the latest in digital tools to gain optimum position for our clients, resulting in more impact in less time.
Media Relations

Whether it's local newspapers or national television, we know how to use the power of the press to shape narratives and change minds. We can help you with all aspects of your media plan - including press relations, media training, and crisis management.
Political Strategy

From state legislative races to presidential campaigns, we have experience at all levels of politics. We’ve developed an expertise in all phases of political campaigns, including media strategy, coalition-building, field operations, and campaign management.